TRACY'S favourite effects


Dice Man
A spectator is handed a red die and asked to give it a roll to decide how the rest of the time they spend with the magician will go.
The performer lays down six cards on the table in a row and requests that the spectator turn over the card which matches their rolled number. The spectator turns over the card and it says "Be Nice" on the back.
Of course, everyone is wondering what's written on the backs of the other cards...when they're turned over each and every other card says "KILL!"
He's Not Here
While a haunting story is told your spectator is drawn to an image of a man in an old photograph. As the story unfolds the full dark legacy of the tall man is revealed. The man appeared to many and his appearance was always followed by death. Yet no physical evidence of the stranger was ever found. Was your spectator staring at a ghost??

He’s Not Here is a clever yet haunting effect with a chilling tale, beautifully weaved throughout.
From Hell
Imagine, as the eerie candle light flickers you begin to tell your audience the story of Jack the Ripper. You mention the victims names “Elizabeth Stride, Catherine Eddowes, Mary Jane Kelly...” Then suddenly as you mention Mary’s name the card bearing the image of her mutilated body slides from the top of pack! You place it back on the pile and blame the draught of air, you continue with your tale. Suddenly it moves again, this time slower, more calculated it slides from the top of the pack!
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