Southend Sorcerers Shows


Why Not Book a Southend Sorcerers show?

Since our society was formed in 1976 we have helped many groups raise thousands of pounds for their respective charities or causes. Our unique evening of family magic offers a fun and entertaining way of fund raising.

Our show is very suitable for a family audience - so children are welcome to attend and they'll find the evening fun and enjoyable. We've actually planned the shows this way on purpose so that it's easier for you to attract a lot of people to your fund raiser. Having said that, the show is not specifically aimed at children either - it's an evening deliberately designed to be enjoyable for the whole family.



At the appropriate time our Compere will welcome the audience, explain the format and generally guide them through the evening.

We do have our own sound system, however if your venue has a good Public Address System then, with your permission, it might be better to use the venue's own facilities.

Similarly, if your venue has its own stage lighting, it would be useful if someone could be present who is familiar with its operation.

close up magic

Whilst your audience remain comfortably seated at their tables they'll be visited by at least four different Magicians who will perform unbelievable magic right under their noses. These performances will generally be about 8 to 10 minutes for each magician.

When setting up your tables, please try to leave an empty space at each one for our magicians to use for their performance. Try also to limit the number of people sitting at each table to about 8 or 10.


Once the 'Close-Uppers' have finished their allotted tables, our compere will lead into the break. He will take this opportunity to point out any seating adjustments which may be required for the second half of the show.

The length of the Interval will be governed by any other activities you have planned. You should avoid selling raffle tickets whilst the Magicians are performing of course, but the interval is an ideal opportunity for you to raise extra funds for your cause by selling food or holding a raffle. The raffle could be drawn during the interval - our compere will be happy to help with the draw and call out the winning numbers if you wish.


This part of the evening will usually consist of 3 or 4 varied magic acts. The performance will take place on the stage or, if a suitable stage is not available, at audience level on the floor in front of the whole audience. We can provide our own backcloth if necessary.

A stage, whilst not essential, is certainly preferable for a more professional show, but if one is not available at your venue, please do remember to make arrangements for a large clear performing area positioned where everyone will be able to see the show from the front. 

end of show

The evenings entertainment will then unfortunately finish.

Hopefully by the end of the evening you should have made a healthy profit for your organisation and had an enjoyable evening at the same time.


One thing is certain - your guests will be talking about your event for days.

So why not let Southend Sorcerers create the magic for YOU ?